This is my logbook, an endless stream of consciousness


Stories about “digital goods artisanship”.

In my last story I presented a manual camera mode concept (Medium) which allows users to gain control of the medium, letting them make photographic mistakes. .

In 2017 I asked if ZEIT (now Vercel) could become the way to go for modern web development (Medium). In 2015 I speculated that mobile web could survive the native platforms betting on immediacy (Medium).

In 2016 I recounted how a small, open and distributed digital business can survive and thrive betting on design and cooperation (Medium).

In 2015 I described how we attempted to add a spaceline (a geographical layer) to Twitter (Medium) and how exciting it would have been to build a conversational headless CMS (Medium).

A dedicated (WIP) publication

Means publication logo.

Means is also the name of a work in progress publication, a "directory" in which stories about “digital goods artisanship” are collected.


Empty streets in Milan.
Via Rubens, Milano.

Foreword: photography for me is a means for an amateur yet intimate visual social research.

I’ve shown through my eyes how the elderly cope with a "fast city" (Medium) and documented my empty streets during the pandemic lockdown (Twitter).

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