1. Two Years of Iperstudio

    Two Years of Iperstudio

    It’s been exactly two years ago when I met Marco to discuss about a new project. What follows traces the Iperstudio genesis and its possibile future development. A radical project Iperstudio is a radical project, and any mention isn’t merely…
  2. Mario, a Content Management Friend

    Mario, a Content Management Friend

    During my vacations I decided to start a side project. The idea was to spend part of this free time to improve my design and development skills as well as to create something that eventually, would came in handy for my daily work. Motivated by my…
  3. The Brutal Web

    AllHeels via Brutalist Websites

    The Brutal Web

    Web Brutalism is a style far from a naïve visual represesentation in vogue at the shadow of the Golden Gate and subsequently democratizing by the digital prêt-à-porter of the WordPress themes. It is free from visual cliché, from harmonious colors and pro…