Mariano Viola

“Shaping” for me is a craftsmanship practice which means constantly enabling, guiding and be of service of a team of makers, aligning their outcomes with:

  • the expressed and unexpressed needs of end users (or people who actually use a product/service)
  • ethos, vision and business goals of customers and stakeholders

In my career I mostly worked with design studios and projects for clients, playing in different roles and for several industries and therefore come across all possible facets of digital artifacts:

In this fluid context I had a chance to extract a “neutral” process (which I like to call product management with deadlines) made of four phases:

  • Researching and reporting. Performing qualitative and quantitative users and competitive research with a keen eye on social issues and the ethical and human side of technology
  • Envisioning and planning. Betting on a vision, developing a measurable strategy and roadmapping it
  • Enabling and building. Orchestrating iterative cycles of design and development with a sustainable calm pace. Think about this activity like the one of a coxswain in a rowing crew
  • Measuring and refining. Fostering iterative testing and refinements cycles driven by qualitative and crystal clear quantitative measurements


At Accurat I’m heading a cross-functional team focused on data visualization research, interactive reports, and data journalism projects for media companies, think tanks and foundations.

My main activity as a Team Leader is to define a strategy and a roadmap in order to constantly align the outcomes of my team with customers, market and the overarching company vision and goals.

Before Accurat

Before my arrival at Accurat in 2018, in 2017 I worked at The Visual Agency, another Milanese data visualization firm where I started my professional adventure around data. This experience ignited a latent passion in news, media and data journalism and I can only be grateful to Ruggero Castagnola and Tommaso Guadagni for letting me to work on several data journalism projects published on Visualeyed.

Before my move to Milan, in 2014 I worked at Iperstudio, a collective studio based in Venice which I co-founded with Marco Mezzavilla and Fabrizio Goglia. Always in Venice, I collaborated with the design firm Studio Visuale.

Just after my MDes graduation in Visual and Multimedia Communication at Iuav University of Venice where I attended the IxD program, in 2013 I co-founded Mapnaut in Trento with Damiano Gui and Vladimir Shulyak.

Before moving in Venice I got a BDes in Indutrial Design at l’Università degli Studi della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli in 2010 I attended an internship at Zelig, a design agency in Naples.

If you want to know more about my career check out my LinkedIn profile.