A selection of digital means and experiments


Between 2018 and 2020 at Accurat, among other projects, I contributed to the publication of data-driven interactive reports such as the Disinformation Campaigns on Twitter based on a study commissioned by Knight Foundation representing how fake news spread on Twitter before, during and after the 2016 U.S. presidential election. On the same topic I worked with my team to ship the Information Operations Archive which contains 10 million messages from Russian and Iranian state-sponsored influence operations on Twitter and Reddit in collaboration with Graphika.
Another report I contributed to and which is still related to U.S. presidential elections is The Hidden Tribes of America, a project launched by More in Common in late 2018 “to better understand the forces that drive political polarization and tribalism in the United States”.


Reusable tools, modules, components, patterns and utilities extracted from projects.

❄️ Nord

Nord is a proof of concept micro-library that can be used to execute R scripts from Node. It can be used to execute R scripts on a server or by making its output available to a static site generator.

Back to school

In 2014 I designed Diallog under the supervision of Davide Rocchesso. Diallog is a “social phone” that allows people to communicate publicly or privately exclusively by means of voice and sound.
In 2012 I contributed to design and prototype Polimeteor, an agency that represents the city and its behaviors metaphorically, as an organism.
In 2009 I contributed to design ePlant, an autonomous agent that reminds a plant in which household consumption is processed and visualized.

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