Mariano Viola

I'm a technologist and a designer

I currently work at Accurat as a strategist on design centric and data-driven projects.

photo-75 Via Natale Battaglia, Milano. December 4, 2019.

Previously I worked at the Visual Agency, another Milanese data visualization firm where I started my professional adventure around data. This experience ignited a latent passion in data journalism and I can only be grateful to Ruggero Castagnola and Tommaso Guadagni for this.

Before my adventure in Milan I worked at Iperstudio which I co-founded with Marco Mezzavilla and Fabrizio Goglia, and Studio Visuale a design firm based in Venice.

Just after my MDes graduation in Visual and Multimedia Communication at Iuav University of Venice where I attended the IxD program, I co-founded Mapnaut in Trento with Damiano Gui and Vladimir Shulyak.

Before moving in Venice I got a BDes in Indutrial Design at l’Università degli Studi della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli and attended an internship at Zelig, a design firm based in Naples.