Mariano Viola

The Web Bytecode

You can write your scripts in ES6/2015, in CoffeeScript, in Ruby or even in Smalltalk, but what you get is uglifyed ES3 or ES5 JavaScript loaded with a <script> tag.

You can write your stylesheets in a JavaScript file, in cssnext, Sass or Less, but what you get is just CSS full of -vendor-prefixes and hacks.

You can write markup in Markdown, JSX, Haml, PHP or put some {{mustaches}} in it. At best, what you get is human unreadable, isouniversal HTML markup ready for the slow browser’s rendering pipeline.

At this point doesn’t really matter in which way you write front-end code, if it is more or less standard, bleeding edge or production ready, fast or slow to compile.

Abuse of what makes you happy now, because tomorrow, probably, you will be tempted by something new that will be transformed in a digestible inorganic bolus, the web bytecode.

CC BY 4.0
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